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The Swiss Dendrological Library (BSD)
Chemin de Plan 92
CH-1170 Aubonne

Tel.: 0041 21 808 51 83
Fax: 0041 21 808 66 01

Head librarian:
Raymond Tripod

Updated: 17.10.2016
The Swiss Dendrological Library (BSD)
The Swiss Dendrological Library (BSD) is owned by the Association de l’Arboretum National du Vallon de l’Aubonne (AAVA). It covers all subjects concerning trees and shrubs, as well as related topics.  Since 2002 the library has been situated in the new Centre de Gestion de l’Arboretum. Aubonne is located between Lausanne and Geneva.
The BSD is not a public library with daily opening hours but is available to all via the Internet.
The books of the BSD are available locally to experts and students involved in research, who can contact the secretariat of the Arboretum in advance by e-mail on or by telephone.
The books of the BSD are not available on loan.
What is dendrology?
Etymologically, the word dendrology comes from the Greek and consists of two syllables: “dendron“ stands for tree and “logos“ for word or science. Consequently, dendrology means the science of trees and, in general, the science of ligneous plants.
Only if we understand the world of trees better, will we be able to preserve them, protect them and secure their place in the coming centuries.
Dendrology helps us to achieve this and the BSD is one of the tools in the service of knowledge about trees.

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